Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Homemade Beck Magnetic Pulser

Magnetic Pulsing

I've been looking more into the Beck Protocol since learning to make colloidal/ionic silver. I will be talking more about these technologies in the near future. It is important for a few reasons. First, I believe in independence. I don't want to rely on big pharma to get drugs that will probably do more damage than good anyway. Secondly, an economic downturn is happening and this technology makes treating yourself and loved ones very easy and economical. Thirdly, I just don't trust big pharma.

Today I will be talking about the magnetic pulser. In theory it is used for treatment of pain and also to kill off pathogens that are in lymph nodes and not in the blood. In other words, this is to be in conjunction with blood electrification. In fact, the pulser causes blood electrification during the 2.5 ms pulse. Actually, you get four jolts of microamps in the tissue for each pulse.

As the first pulse is rising, current flows. Then on the downsize back to zero volts at the coil causes a reverse current in the tissue. Then the back emf from the collapsing field generates a current in the tissue but at the opposite polarity as the initial pulse. Then a reverse of that when that field subsides. It happens each time the magnetic field changes or moves.

The trick with the strobe light is to turn it to the lowest setting that it will still pulse at. This takes longer between each pulse, but they are waaaayyyy stronger. So, do that for deep penetration. For more shallow treatments, use a higher or faster setting.

All you do is find a strobe or a camera flash. Take it apart and use a resistor to short out the capacitor.

BE CAREFUL WITH THIS CAPACITOR. IT CAN HAVE 300 VOLTS STORED AND CAN STOP YOUR HEART. If you are unsure, ask someone qualified in electronics such as a TV repairman or an electrician to help.

Once you discharge the capacitor, then you can cut the line to one side of the strobe light and connect the two wires going to the coil.
To make the coil, get some coated copper wire, called magnet wire. Try to use 15 or 16 gauge. I used 15. Make a jig like in the picture below and hand wind or you can stick a bolt through it and use a hand drill. I used electrical tape on it before I took the one wood plate off to remove the coil. You need to secure it somehow, because it will try to unwind slightly.

Also, when running, the flash tube gets hot after about 15 minutes. Take a break and let it cool down. As it gets hot, it offers more resistance to the coil. I put electrical tape on the front to block some of the light. But I kept the cooling vents on the top and bottom alone.

I also added two capacitors in parallel to the existing capacitor. Just make sure positive to positive and negative to negative and that the voltage rating is good. I used capacitors from two more camera flashes, so the voltage rating was about 300 volts. I have 450 MicroFarads now instead of just the 8 MFDs that are standard with this strobe light.



  1. Wonderful data for partly educated person in a counrty like India.

  2. Hello Richard.

    Quite impressed with the Blog.
    I recently bought the complete Beck Protocol from Ebay but yesterday my Magnetic Pulser using a camera flash broke yesterday (one of the wires disconnected from the soldering) and not sure how to fix it safely.

    I want to make another Pulser and salvage the copper coil paddle form the broken Pulser and use a new camera flash unit.

    Could you make a video showing how to make it and also additional tools I will need and safety equipment to 'short' the capacitor etc.

    I live in the UK and our 'Radio Shack' equivalent 'Tandy' closed down many years ago.

    Many thanks in advance for your time.


    Mayur in London
    Ps: please reply to my email:

  3. if I had opened a vivitar flash unit for a camera I would connect one end of the flash unit"which end?" and the other end inside the circuit board ?but, where? Thanks ahead roger

    1. Just connect the coil between the flash and the circuit board, like the picture above. It doesn't matter about polarity or which side of the flash.

  4. Hi Richard, thanks for your nice blog! Just wanted to ask how well this is working for you so far in terms of healing diseases and if you are still using the same unit. If you made any modifications or any problems popped up, we would be interested to know as well!

    Thanks for your good work!


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