Sunday, November 8, 2015

Will the motor you just bought really work with your wind turbine? Analyze any motor/generator on ebay, the simple way.

I've had some issues running the older versions of the analyzer on the latest versions of Windows. So, I rewrote the application purely in Java, and now it runs on all versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac (with the latest version of Java). For those that don't know, this program allows you to take the stats from any DC motor and analyze its ability to act as a generator for a DIY wind turbine.

But, I've added a feature that allows single phase AC induction motors to be analyzed. This is many times more efficient than low voltage DC and is a lot cheaper to implement. It is as simple as selecting 120 VAC or 240 VAC as your battery bank. So, for those that don't want to be off grid, you can use this to design a cheap AC grid-tie wind turbine.

You can purchase the DIY Wind Turbine Analyzer by itself or included for free with the Wind Power & Battery Systems found on

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