Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Large Stator for my E-forge

The E-forge will be designed to bring a piece of iron to red hot in seconds using low voltage and high current. This is NOT an induction furnace or a kiln type furnace. This project involves using a homemade transformer to step voltage down to about 2 VAC while increasing the amps many times over. First test was with a microwave oven transformer and achieved 650 amps and melted a 3/16 stainless bolt in half. The next phase involves using a 15 HP ac motor stator and homemade windings to get up to 3,000 amps at about 2 volts through a piece of steel. It will be red hot and ready for shaping in a matter of seconds.

I picked up a large 15 HP AC motor stator today. I think it will work nicely. I paid scrap price for it and will get some of that back when I take out the copper wire and the outer body.

I will be left with just the internal stator made up of metal layers. It should look something like this.

I will then use normal 14/3 house wiring cable and loop it though the “donut” about 50 to 100 times. I can then take the output of wire 1 and connect to the input of wire 2, and the output of wire 2 to the input of wire 3 and the output of wire 3 is the end of the daisy chained wire. So, if I wrap the “donut” 100 times, I effectively have 300 turns on my primary coil. Or if I did 50 wraps, that would be 150 turns. You get the picture.

I might place in a bucket of transmission oil to “Oil Cool” it as well. I don’t think I’ll have to though. The duty cycle is pretty low.



  1. Hi Richard. I just subscribed to your feed. Can you do the same for me, my Blogger is called cedarworkshop. I live near Vancouver, but, have a cabin in the Okanagan. That's where I test out a lot of the projects.

  2. Have you finished this project yet?

  3. This project is on hold until spring. Looking forward to it. But I've got my new 3d printer to play with until then. Prusa i3.