Sunday, February 17, 2013

Homemade CNC machine

I did some work on my CNC machine. It will use heavy duty drawer slides for the linear bearings. And the framework is made of wood. The movement will be stepper motor driving threaded rod and a homemade delrin nut to minimize backlash.

I noticed that the bearings were tight for the first 10 inches of movement, so I modified them so that I could get 8 inches the back way as well. That way, I have it set for about 16 inches of movement, and NO PLAY AT ALL!

 The idea is to have one end of the threaded rod suspended in a bearing block. I used bearings from a used pair of roller blades. The threaded rod is 1/4 inch.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

CNC - Poor Man Style

I've started a Poor Man Style CNC machine. It will have the capability to be converted to a 3d printer if I wish. Here is a video of the testing of a free stepper motor I got from a friend. I'm using the Arduino to test.

It will be made of wood and will use heavy duty drawer slides instead of linear bearings. The drawer slides have no play in them except when you extend them too far. So, I modified them so that they go forwards and backwards to split the difference and they stay tight.

Makerspaces on campus

The makerspace concept is really catching on. I am a member of the Victoria Makerspace as well.