Thursday, September 17, 2009

Underground Cold Storage

If you don't have a underground cold storage and you have freshly picked fruits and vegetables to store, don't worry, you can make your own. I first heard of the idea using a metal garbage can. Just dig a hole, put the can in. Fill with things you want to store through the winter and then put the lid on and cover with hay.

In the above picture I thought a regular fridge would work. Just means digging a bigger hole. It does have a nice rubber and magnetic seal and the whole thing is insulated. I would still recommend putting hay over it. A small free standing cover would be nice so when it is icy and snowy outside, you can still open it and get things out.

One word of advice, don't put apples in with anything else. Keep them seperate. I remember reading that the apples off gas something and it will make potatoes turn green. Don't remember the details though.


  1. Good suggestion. Could strip out all motor, electrical, and piping and just bury part way.

    Wouldn't have to be a large structure to cover and could be open on all four sides.


  2. Appels generate acetylene gas and that has a ripening effect on other fruits and plants. You can put an apple with other fruit in a plastic bag and it will speed up the ripening of the fruit. A well known? trick is to place a piece of apple in the heart of a bromelia to make it flowering. However, storing apples is high tech but storage times of one year are common at the moment.