Wednesday, August 12, 2009

update solar oven

Got some flat black barbecue paint and painted the solar oven. I will let it dry tonight and then tomorrow put it in the sun to make sure any toxins can gas out. It is high temp paint but I'd like to be safe. Then we can start using it.

Remember, this one doesn't have insulation. When the temp outside is a little cooler, I'll raise efficiency by using the hot box cooker technique. I'll take a bigger box and place a thick blanket over it and push this cooker down into that so that all sides except the top are covered and well insulated.

Most people would build in the insulation but there are issues with that. Whenever the food steams it could get the insulation wet and mess it up. The hot box way means I can take out the insulation super easy after I'm done and let it dry if it gets wet.



  1. The black BBQ paint will make a big difference in your solar oven, as will cooking in dark dishes.

  2. We have a dutch oven that is dark and maybe one other big pot. I may have to paint the outside of some mason jars for cooking smaller portions.

    That reminds me. I was thinking that for canning stuff you could put the pot of stuff and the jars in the solar oven for a few hours. It will boil the stuff and sterilize the jars all at once.