Friday, August 7, 2009

Rocket Stove

I was talking about hot box cookers the other day and thought this would be an appropriate method for bringing food to a boil and then using the hot box to finish it off. This one is really simple and made with just some adobe bricks.

I like the rocket stoves because they make a lot of heat with very little input. They fact that they are smokeless tells me that they are very efficient. And combined with the hot box method, this is an off the grid dream come true.

See ya Monday,


  1. Mr Richard sir, we like this one too! The simplicity is unbelievable, and the results are amazing. So we built our "version" of the rocket stove, it is NOT permanent, no mortar, it's just sitting there...thanks for you blog..very informative..
    check out our version and see what you think..thanks