Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Forklift Batteries

Today I am sore. I worked on forklift batteries all day. We started with 4 batteries and took all the cells out of the two big ones. Our plan is to make battery trays that hold 3 cells each to make 6 volt batteries. This would weigh about 280 to 300 lbs each and I could move them with a hand truck. But the way it stands now, each forklift battery weighs 1100 to 1500 lbs each.We had to cut each connection bar and then cut the metal case open. We also had a lot of tar on the top to take off.

Notice all the tar between the cells. The yellow 24 volt batteries don't have that and they should be a lot easier to deal with.
And below you can see the 36 cells we took out of the two big batteries. It looks like about 30 and maybe even 34 cells are in good shape.
Next week, I will finish up these 2 batteries.
Anyone else get their free forklift batteries yet. Let me know, I want to hear about it.



  1. Wow! Great day! Working with the forklift batteries has always been my best part of job. Loved it.

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  2. The effort you made is really inspiring and informative too. I was not aware of this inner structure of batteries before. These forklift batteries are having this strong support from inner structure.

  3. Good luck for your work and its good to know that you can on this one huge forklift battery in one day.