Friday, July 10, 2009

Air Powered Motorcycle

If you guys remember this other post from July 1st, then this would be the next logical progression. This is a picture of a motorcycle powered by air. It was designed by Edwin Yi Yuan and supposedly it is fast, efficient and has a long range. I'll have to see the numbers though.

But still, nice idea. If you were to use carbon fiber tanks and pressurize to 5,000 or even 10,000 psi then the range should be pretty good.

Take a look at this picture from
You could take the reed valve out and then plug the exhaust port. Then have a spring loaded valve at the top instead of the spark plug. The top of the piston would have a welded tab that hits the valve and opens it. This lets air in and pushes the piston down. The length of the welded tab is such that when the top of the piston is almost to the air intake port, then the spring loaded valve shuts. This gives a longer push of the piston without wasting compressed air through the exhaust port. Effectively, it moves the exhaust port lower so the power portion of the stroke is longer.



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