Monday, June 15, 2009

Maglev wind turbine

I'm sure most of you have seen this, but I thought I would talk about it. The maglev wind turbine uses powerful rare earth magnets instead of bearings. They are arranged in such a way as to repulse each other and makes it so that the moving outer shell and blades rotate while riding on a cushion of magnetism. This makes the turbine more efficient but also means that extremely large turbines can be made. The one in this picture is about 4,000 to 5,000 feet tall. The foot print for the whole device is 100 acres and produces up to 1,000 megawatts. That is about 2,100 feet square at the base. The inside cylinder would be about 700 feet in diameter. The project would cost $54 million to make, but I think they should spend more and use the internal cylinder for housing and stores. That is about 300,000 square feet per floor at about 400 floors, or 120 million square feet. By contrast, the two world trade center buildings had 10 million square feet of office space. You could easily house 100,000 people inside the turbine as a self sustaining city with its own power generation, rain water collection, lower level massive worm farm for processing sewage and compost. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Let's compare cost between other power generation options.

Technology..........Acre/MW ........cost per MW
Wind Farm............ 60......... $1.2 - 2.6 million
Nuclear.................. 2.5............... $2 million
maglev................... 0.1................ $54,000

Notice that the footprint for the maglev is incredibly small for what you get. You could take an existing windfarm, get rid of a couple of turbines and put the maglev in that spot. Also, the first city to make one of these will have more tourism than imaginable. The only real problem is that they use rare earth magnets. I don't know how much neodymium there is, but it could be a problem. But, uranium is rare too and this blows nuclear power away. Maglev is 97% cheaper and has a 25 times smaller footprint. Even less when you think about how much land is used up in mining uranium and storing spent fuel and waste.



  1. Why the United States does not implant this kind of wind turbine to replace wind farm ???

    With the Obama plant for environment it's would be a great move instead the coal electric production.
    Its will open more clean electricity for the electric car and reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil ...

    A future electric car driver

  2. Well, there is a lot of big money backing fossil fuels. I fear that the powers that be will stay greedy until it is too late. Once economies collapse and people are at war for resources, then building maglev turbines just won't be on the agenda. Ghandi said to become the change you want to see in the world. That is all we can do. I would love to see the politicians stop being greedy and think of the future. But until then, I'm becoming the change.

    thanks for the comment Jean-Guy.


  3. One has to take into consideration also, that forces from companies and countries (especially china) are basically fighting over the rights to the same type of technology which is making it a bit more difficult for it to be manufactured on a larger scale commercially and competitively. I have been looking for these turbines for my properties, yet it seems to be tedius to find a reputable dealer for this type of turbine, does anyone know any consumer friendly places for this technology?

  4. It has not been implemented because this thing is a hoax. It has been on the internet for over 2 years and everytime you read about it it is ready for production and installation.

  5. might still be cost effective if you had to use electromagnets to do the maglev turbine? electromagnets can be extremely powerful using very small amounts of electric current.

  6. "Its will open more clean electricity for the electric car and reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil ..."

    Correct american oil company buy extremely cheap Asian oil 9$ per barrel and sell it to american people for much more like 100$ or 150$. Get the point who is robing you. G.W.Bush is one of the them. And they started war in Asia, war that buried american economy. Now you were , and still you are wictms of you're own government

  7. Hi Richard,

    Good analysis there.

    But I have a small doubt. You mentioned about developing residences and living spaces in the inner cylinder. But since a tremendous amount of magnetic flux will be present, we have to consider the magnetic shielding required for the entire building so that magnetic and elec devices don't encounter interference.

    What are your comments on that?

    1. The coils and the moving magnets will just be in the top portion in the machine spaces. Or you could design it so the magnets are at the bottom or outside the inner cylinder.

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