Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DIY Worm Farm Composter

I looked at several videos and this is the most straight forward and easy to follow.

This is really great. You can have a composter right in the kitchen without all the smell or flies. It would certainly be easier to just open this and put in the scraps as opposed to carrying it out to the big composter outside. Plus, you don't have to wait years to have useable dirt. Pretty much at any time you can get a good handful of dirt and worms to add to the garden. Or if you wanted to go fishing, then worms are readily available anytime. Also, the water in the bottom bin is like a tonic for plants. You can use it and dilute with some more water to use in the garden. You could even put a tap on the bottom bin to make it easier. Of course, you would have to put the whole setup up on a higher surface to be able to collect the water in something.


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