Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bubble Wrap Windows - super insulation

Some of you might have seen this done before but I found it interesting. The article I read said that this guy's house was really well insulated except the windows. He had upgraded some of the single paned windows to double glazing but it was expensive. He decided to test bubble wrap. The bubble side faced the window while the smooth side faced inside the house. On a cold day he put his hand on the 2 paned windows and it was way better than the single paned ones. But then he touched the single paned window with bubble wrap and it was worlds of difference from the double glazed window. Not even in the same ball park. He said he can do each window for about $2.

So, it looks like a great way to let light inside during the cold months but still retain that heat. I love the fact that it is cheap and easy and that it out performs the expensive alternative.



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  2. I did that about 10 years ago in Massachusetts. It really works. Best way to attach: spray adhesive for screenprinting, if you can find it. It doesn't damage things as much as staples etc. and is really easy to pull off in spring.

  3. Also: yes, if you laid your hand on an uninsulated window it felt cold, while the bubble wrap felt like laying a hand on your shirt. It actually protected the windows from mildew caused by winter condensation, especially in the bathrooms!

  4. a layer of Aerogel on each window would be better because it would be higher insulation value and perhaps easier to see thru, plus it will be unaffordable until who knows when, making bubble wrap look even better!

  5. I live in an old house and I really love my old windows but I knew the heat was just going right out. I had a few windows replaced but I could never afford to do them all. I bubble wrapped all the windows in my home, even the new ones. Before this, I would sit by the windows and feel a breeze. Now, I feel nothing. And I love the frosted glass look! What a great idea.

  6. It's much better than visclear.

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