Monday, June 22, 2009

2 litre 50 watt light

This video was made in Brazil and it is subtitled in English.

I really like this idea and think it is fantastic for tropical and impoverished areas. But our houses in north America are a little different. It is probably possible to make a "solar tube" using the 4 inch aluminum ventilation tubes and a 2 litre. But it hit me that a lot of houses in suburbia have no windows facing the neighbors (for privacy). So, the front and the back have plenty of windows, but none on the ends. It is the case were I live now. And the sun hits that wall in the living room. If I didn't rent here, I would probably make this modification.

Just fill 3 or 4 two litre bottles with cheap isopropyl alcohol so it can't freeze. If you live in a really warm climate you could just use water. Then place high up on the wall. Use silicone to seal around the hole. I was also thinking that a small wooden frame could be made, like 6 inch square and fill in between the wood with rice paper. It would be a nice wall sconce, cheap and homemade.

And 4 of these would be like 4 lamps at 50 watts each lighting up the room, but with natural sunlight.



  1. why do i have to put the isopropyl alcohol in the bottles? air doesnt freeze either!! not here anyway!

  2. Hi Richard,

    I actually came across the site below a few days back and recalled this post on your blog. I think Biohome might be using the same process as described in the youtube video you posted.

    Only they seem to charge a pretty penny for the bubble windows.

    I get the impression from the main background picture of the dome, it is just a simple plexiglass bubble widow (only inside out compared to the following picture)

    and then on the outside you place a round bottle (filled with anti-freeze) into the space, such as the one below

    A few of these would really light up any basement room, from the picture on the Biohome site it really does seem to give a very bright light.

    What do you think?

  3. Paleo,

    Those are nice but way expensive like you said. I'd bet there is a poor man's way of making the larger fluid filled windows.