Wednesday, May 27, 2009

windmill ebook cover testing

I am tired of my Wind Power and Battery Systems book cover so I decided to experiment and come up with a new one. Here is the old one.And here is the new one. The background in the picture below was taken a couple of blocks from my home.

Also, I started working on my Grid Tie experiments today. Just getting the stuff together to start. I have a large wooden pulley and a DC motor and an AC induction motor and a rubber belt. I'll be using my kill-a-watt meter for testing. I have a pwm 12volt motor controller for changing the speed during the testing.



  1. Hi Richard,

    I hope your Grid Tie experiments go well and I look forward to seeing your results. I have seen Grid Tie inverters for sale for BIG $$$ and I hope you come up with something the "poor man" can afford to build.


  2. BigBilly,

    Thanks for the kind words.
    I'm working on a easy inverter and also a way to use a windmill to feed the grid as well with an ac induction motor. The AC induction motors are everywhere and you can usually get them for free. I have a washing machine motor, a 3/4 horse fan motor and a 3 hp 3 phase motor. All of them I got for free. But people could make a small windmill out of small fan motors, blenders, hair dryers, etc. if they wanted to test. Those wouldn't make a lot of power, but good for experimentation.