Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Homemade battery charger - desulfator

Here is my tried and true, although potentially lethal, desulfator.


  1. Saw this video on another site, the comments had a guy ask if a schematic was available, you said sure, just go to THIS site. Well I don't see a schematic offered anywhere and when I type the word "schematic" into the search box NOTHING comes up -- for ANY project, evidently!

    Can you help wth this? thanks


  2. Rich, it is the next post up.

  3. have 12x 2 volt 580 amp hour deep cycle batteries how do i desulfate
    regards mark ( )

  4. hi sir richard i would like to ask how could we wire instead of 120 volts to a 24- volts which is our default power supply.. could you share it with us just like your diagram the problem is we using a 240 volts and its not indicate in your book,, and about the caps what type of caps is it an ac or a dc and its required voltage.. because we didnt see in your book the description of the caps you used and it makes us confused... thanks sir richard from ykcir